04-25-05| 2:25 pm

One of the first friends I made here, I met her over coffee at Starbucks.

She is a girl who captures hearts daily. If you met her, you would understand. Everyone who meets her understands. Outrageous but frustrating; she is stubborn and if you take her picture she won't act like a normal person. Going out, I put on heels and expensive jeans and she will wear a vintage dress with $3 sneakers from Walmart and she will outshine just about anyone. If she gets mad she will punch hard enough to bruise, but if she gets drunk she will cry about lost friendships. And then she'll punch you the next day for reminding her of the time she cried.

This girl, no one would call her shy but she doesn't like her birthday; she didn't tell anyone and she left before any of us figured it out. For her birthday I am giving her this: three entries. Here, three times where I had feelings and each time I turned to her.


happy birthday, I didn't make that, it fell out your hair that way. AND I WANT IT BACK.