01-21-13| 1:33 am

I can't remember the last time we spoke. I think I have pictures of you at my high-school graduation, though I can't remember a single moment of that day. And though I remember you in vivid detail, I can't remember a time you made me feel good about myself. I remember the times you made me feel bad about myself though, with crystal clarity.

I kept my distance from you with an automatic response always at the ready: I was a child and you were an adult. Then I too became an adult and I still kept my distance. Because the adult I have become, the woman I know I will still become--I see none of you reflected there. I grew up. For better or for worse, I made the best out of what I had and I grew up, grew into the girl I'd dreamed of being and will continue to grow into the woman I know I can be.

I'm sorry you never got to know me. I'm sorry I found your actions and reactions so unforgivable that you never got to see me grow up. I will remember you, and maybe one day I will see some part of you reflected in myself.