03-31-11| 2:13 am

E was one of those drugs that was either impossible to get my hands on or floating around in multiples of 20. That night, we had 3 apiece, red and blue, so to be fair we each ate both colors. The stamp on the red pill was unfamiliar. "A menorah," my friend suggests. I tell her it is obvious she's not jewish. You cant fit a menorah on an E pill. We eventually decide it is a trident, a strange choice, we think.

Hours later we are soaking wet and sore from dancing, running back to our car, shivering. I think of the time when I ran a half marathon, how after the race we were given sheets made of some material i can't remember, meant to keep us warm. The people in charge should have been prepared, handing us soup and blankets, three girls shivering violently and spent from hours of high intensity movement.

I am not sure where euphoria is supposed to be felt; mind or body, maybe both. I am not sure of euphoria in tangible form, pill, powder, liquid. It's all just an exercise in killing time, anyway.