03-30-07| 3:42 am

I was depressed once. Some nights, I was in such hysterics that I couldn't breathe. fading consciousness. Imagine being sucked into blackness, losing your voice, your breath, your sanity. I was there. Sometimes, friends came to get me simply so I would last the night.

Healing is slow, lonely. I was there once so now for my friend I will be there again. She'll learn about being alone, completely alone, and being comfortable with it. She'll lose her reflection and then, one day she'll find it. Brushing her teeth. Getting dressed. She will see herself, see herself doing all the things that got lost before. She'll learn about the days blending into nights weeks months, a year, and then she too will know what it was to be depressed. She too will know about healing.

Eventually, I told her.