12-22-05| 10:56 pm

Hey, thanks for the present that reaffirmed the sorry state of our entire fucking relationship. I hope you weren't offended when I gave you nothing; it's just that's what I feel for you. You don't know me and if there was a time when you loved me, well, that's why it's better not to feel.

oh and hey! One day before Christmas is not when you talk about about quality time. Whatever irrelevant thing you were planning on giving me, why don't you keep it. Why don't you give me the fucking four hundred dollars you owe me so I can pay these goddamn bills and then why don't you watch when I say Fuck You and I disappear.

I am not going to regret this one day. I don't regret, and by the way, everyone had it coming.

P.S., here's an edit: NOTHING YOU SAY MEANS ANYTHING TO ME. My hopes will not rise because five years ago I learned how to chokehold them. You broke my fucking heart and what's worse is that if I let you you would do it again.