08-20-05| 1:58 am

Hello, I'm thirteen years old again. My heart is breaking and every time I start to speak, my eyes fill up with tears. You probably shouldn't say the word "stress" around me, because it's been known to trigger breakdowns, along with other keywords, I'm sure you know what they are. I used to have a respite, I used to be the girl who could put it on hold, but apparently I've turned into the girl who cries every 15 seconds because she's an emotional wreck. I DID THIS BEFORE AND IT HURT JUST AS BAD. I wish I was strong enough to handle it but I'm not, I wasn't then, I don't understand why I should go through it again. I can't learn from a mistake that's not mine and I've been strong through so much else. Tie up all the loose ends and what you've got is a girl who is unstable.

Everything is the same here. The same tears for the same problem. I haven't cried like this in a very long time.