04-27-04| 10:10 pm

Because it wasn't enough, talking to her about how I had to make this choice! How could I live with myself if I never left this town, this state? I had to do it, I had to do it, and when she tells me that obviously it was more important to me I need to yell "No!" because nothing is more important to me, don't you get that? I'm trying to tell her that when I leave here it could kill me, it could tear me up and it could destroy me and I'm trying to tell her that I couldn't let it scare me into staying!

It wasn't enough even when I walked in the door and got in a fight over a bottle of diet kiwi strawberry snapple. I didn't like it, I should have listened, but if you'd like I'll give you the dollar that it cost, I don't know why you are always so unhappy.

It wasn't enough so when I walked in this room to sit down and cry I stubbed my toe on the chair.