2003-05-16| 3:46 p.m.

TheCity was locked and now it isn't. There was an entry that basically went like this [minus some parts]:

living with a drug addict and a liar & but to me it's the only thing keeping me sane enough not to slit my wrists and run off, its keeping me from falling over the edge because you can already see that my hands are bloody.& If only you knew how much I felt inside but you probably don't because I was always strong enough to never tell,&tell me everything was okay and I could stay over if i needed to [hearts and hearts and hearts to you who gave me a home away from the hell I live in]&it's one day more I have to be here, trapped&is all that is stopping me from leaving &nevercomingbackhere, &one month more where i hate hate hate you for not seeing the truth and being too stubborn to listen to me, &I have ears and one side of a conversation tells me just as much as the other would. & taking away the best part of me &don't blame me &for not caring enough to see that I did it all the right way. &I wish I could ruin my life and blame it on you.

That's how it went, that and so much more you'll never see.