2003-02-24| 10:14 p.m.

If you asked, I'm the one who could tell you the whole story, but it might be a little one sided. It might be me wishing I had my friends back, my life how it used to be when we had so much fun, wishing I could go back to long conversations and sharing everything and summers that never ended as long as we had water bottles and pretzels, huddled under jackets in the winter and eating crunchy soup.

Cracking up over code names for girls we hated[wished we were]and making fun of those who weren't us and watching each other and never going home and loving it.

A random email, a phone call and a message on a machine saying Hey, let's get together and talk, I miss you, only we all know it won't happen because it doesn't fit the pattern. A night of us remembering and me wishing, because I'm a little one sided.

This is the experience that teaches me I can't make things the way they used to be, only here I am still trying to fit the square in the circle hole.